A little background to how the BowieNet Bash came about and those who made it happen!

  Party Plans! - by Spaceface

A live David Bowie appearance for the first time in 2 years! NETAID was announced and we were delighted! Rumours began to filter through that there would also be some TV appearances to promote the release of the ‘hours.....’ album, and for all of us Bowienetters and David Bowie fans, the possibility dawned that maybe we could meet up at last...... Because I had SO enjoyed the meeting in New York, I was mad keen to organise a similar get together in the UK . I emailed Paul Kinder (Rednik). and asked him if he would mind me sorting out a meeting place.

We had thought of arranging a few drinks in some pub near to where people were staying for the TFI/NETAID weekend, maybe 10 to 20 people, or so I thought.... Steph (Electric Blue) and I got our heads together, and she suggested a pub near to the TFI studios. After some relection we realised that Friday night in London is a bad time to try and have a quiet drink and a chat. I contacted the pub to find out how much a function room would cost and the price was so reasonable we came upon the idea of opening it up to as many people as we could and make a real event of it! now the hard work started! Steph set up an email address for people to register their interest. We made up a news piece for Bowienet, Bowiewonderworld and Teenage Wildlife telling people about the event, and they were all kind enough to include this in their news pages.

A Veritable BowieFest on a Stick!

Treking all the way to London for NETAID? Want to make it a weekend long party? The BowieFest starts here!!!!!!

We are proud to announce the BowieNet UK Bash on Friday 8th October.

The Place: Edward's pub, Hammersmith (Upstairs function room))

The Time: 8 for 8:30pm

Set in a private room with own bar just a stone's throw from the Hammersmith Odeon (now Apollo), of farewell Ziggy concert fame, it is the ideal location for a Bowie party and to meet BowieNetters from across the world!!!! What a way to set the tone the night before setting off to see the man himself at NetAid!! Details: We are expecting a great crowd for the party, we can accomodate up to 200 people. There will be a minimal charge of £3 per person to cover costs of room hire and the DJ, any surplus funds will be donated to the NetAid charity. Bring your Bowie CD's with you to add to the Bowie atmosphere! Plus special BNet goodies to be had in a grand giveaway! Travel: Edward's is on the corner of King Street and Beadon Road in Hammersmith. By Tube: District Line to Hammersmith turn right out of the station and it's across the road. Picadilly Line to Hammersmith: pub is opposite the station.

We look forward to seeing you there! So go on reply today!!!!!

This BNet event has been brought to you by : Electric Blue (Steph) and Spaceface (Karen)

It was very exciting to log into the email account and see how many people were interested in meeting ! Now we needed some sounds. I managed to contact a local PA hire firm, and they agreed to deliver some appropriate sound equipment. We were ready for take -off! As the days counted down, the numbers mounted even more. I think we had 125 names in the end! Not bad for an event which was cobbled together at very short notice. At one point I was worried that we might not fit everyone in! The maximum numbers for the room were 180, but after the party, I reflected that the numbers who did make it (80) were just right for the size of the room. Any more and we would have been sitting on each others heads (Please don’t say you would have enjoyed that!)

As always, when you organise a party, there is the worry that it wont go well, and I have to say, it took until about 10.30pm to relax and enjoy it. By that time, the room was full, everyone was dancing and drinking and quite obviously having the time of their lives, including your gorgeous hostesses, Spaceface and Electric Blue...lol You can see a description of the party itself, by clicking on our journals of the weekend. :))

Spaceface (Karen)